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So? You want to be a History Hunter? 

We’ve worked hard to make it worth your while. You can solve one of our treasure trails ONLINE (via the WEB APP) or as a LEAFLET. Both are a fiver, and can be bought from this site. We reckon that’s a bargain! Especially when you’ll be winning a reward – often worth more than £5!

Just circle and cross (trans & tiny)

What can you expect? 

1-2 hours of problem solving. Some logical, some lateral-thinking puzzles. A challenge. Fun. Maybe the odd wrong turn or a frustrating moment. And of course, if you can solve the final riddle, TREASURE! What we promise is that you will learn something new along the way – hopefully quite a few things – and have a jolly good time while you do! 

Just circle and cross (trans & tiny)

Yes, yes – “TREASURE”! 

On solving the History Hunt, you will have a choice of local “Treasure Partners” from which to redeem your treasure – which comes in the form a discount or special deal. We like to offer our Hunters a range of local businesses from which to claim your prize (e.g. a pub, a cafe, a novelty shop). See each History Hunt for further details. 

Just circle and cross (trans & tiny)

Click a pic below or visit the SHOP or WEB APP to purchase yours


Just circle and cross (trans & tiny)

– available as a leaflet or online via the 

Just circle and cross (trans & tiny)

LOCATION: Salisbury (Wiltshire, UK)

SUBJECT: The city’s Medieval history

CATEGORY: Interactive & educational

DIFFICULTY: Challenging (ages 12+)

DESCRIPTION: This trail leads History Hunters along a series of clues and riddles centred on some of Salisbury’s most historic areas and events. History Hunters will need to pay careful attention to their surroundings and the information given in the leaflet to solve this trail. It takes between 1 and 2 hours to complete.

TREASURE PARTNERS: Roly’s Fudge Pantry, Ox Row Inn, Cross Keys Cafe and Restaurant

Just circle and cross (trans & tiny)